How To Use Epin (For Authorized Epin Buyer Only)

Authorized ePin seller can purchase Unity program in behalf of their customers. Here’s how to process an account using Epin. STEP 1: Go To My ePins After receiving your customers payment, login inside your account and go to My ePins > Buy ePins. If you’re using mobile phone, you need […]

Unity Network Affiliate Terms and Policies

I. Overview Understanding Our Affiliate Program Policies Kung gusto mong makibahagi sa affiliate program ng Unity Network, at nais mong i-promote ang mga programa at produkto ng Unity Network, kailangan mong intindihin ng mabuti, sumangayon at sumunod sa affiliate terms at policies na nakasulat sa page na ito below. Ginawa […]

How To Domain Map In Profit System Software

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS ONLY FOR NAMECHEAP.COM DOMAINS. WE RECOMMEND YOU ONLY USE NAMECHEAP.COM DOMAINS for easy domain mappings. Before starting please do these steps first. 1. Please make sure that your custom domain has been set before performing these actions. To set a custom domain, login to your […]

How To Schedule A 1 On 1 Consultation With Our Coach

STEP 1: Log in to your Unity Network Dashboard.   Click the button to see the options. Click “PROGRAMS and BASIC.” STEP 2: Click VIEW COURSE.    STEP 3:  Scroll down and click the BOOK A 1 on 1 CONSULTATION SESSION.   STEP 3:   Choose the AVAILABLE DATES for your consultation. STEP […]